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This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK. Its rhythm of exploration was very absorbing, alternating between calm periods of admiring the countryside on horseback and sudden bursts of usually violent activity. The quest structures were familiar - go here, kill that, investigate this for me please - but I kept getting drawn off the quest-paths by things that caught my eye by the side of the road, which is really what open-world games are about.

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Few days later, CD Projekt Red announced a second release delay for The Witcher 3 citing reason as "development team needed more time to polish and eliminate last minute bugs". According to report shared by NeoGaf user "macfoshizzle", this extra development time worked in favor of the game and its looking better than expected. CD Projekt Red and Microsoft hosed a special "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Hands-on" event, and "Macfoshizzle" attended it and player first three hours of the game, and has shared his impression in detail.

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The email is an extreme example, but it raises an issue that simmers beneath the surface of this huge creative industry. Since the beginning, video games have embraced, explored and celebrated violence, but sex has always been less common. In the end, however, they were locked away unused within the game code in order to avoid a sales-limiting adults only rating in America.

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Except The Witcher also has a lot of diverse monsters playing very pivotal roles in the story. Below showrunner Lauren Hissrich Daredevil gives her first in-depth interview about the upcoming series with new insight about landing Henry Cavill as Geralt she initially rejected him! We got to explore them in real time.

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Some players expressed shock at the gruesome nature of the imageto which the developer has explained the reasoning behind. Speaking to GameSpot about the topic in an interview, senior animator Jamie Bury said, "My answer generally would be that it's an adult game, and it's a very unpleasant world that Geralt has to live in, and these things happen. The image in question above was posted as an exclusive for the game's forums and featured Geralt standing over the body of a man who was literally ripped apart, with what appeared to be the victim's entrails in a bucket nearby.

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Romance cards also called sexcards within The Witcher are a trophy of sorts which can be collected over the course of the game. Whenever Geralt sleeps with a female character or NPC in the game, you collect a romance card. These cards are reminiscent of early 20th century novelty "naughty" postcards.

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Lauren Hissrich, showrunner of The Witcher Netflix series, recently gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly that provides a few insights into what we can expect from this version of Geralt's story. For starters, it will apparently be a "very adult show", and though it won't be added for shock value we should expect a bit of the old sex and violence. She also explained that, as well as some horror, there will be plenty of monsters.

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When logged inyou can choose up to 8 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. This project aims to improve the graphics by reworking models and textures to better quality preserving the original art style. Merges are easy to undo because they don't change the original mod or game files.

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After months of teasing, cast announcements, and costume reveals, Netflix's television adaption of Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher novels has received its first trailer, giving fans the best indication yet of what to expect from the finished article. As you'd imagine, the new trailer - rather modestly described as a "teaser", despite being almost two minutes long - offers a decent slice of The Witcher's principal characters in action, meaning the internet will no doubt soon be alive with debate on whether Henry Cavill as Geralt of RiviaAnya Chalotra as Yennefer and Freya Allan as Ciri are up to the task. As someone with only limited experience of the characters in either their game or book forms, I couldn't possibly speak to the authenticity of their portrayals, but the atmospheric trailer certainly looks the part, sporting the kind of lavish production you'd expect from Netflix - and would certainly want in order to do justice to The Witcher's epic fantasy spectacle. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich shared a few more details on The Witcher's first eight-episode season, calling it a "very adult show".


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